Enhanced wellness solutions for MAXIS GBN consumers


MAXIS Global Benefits Network (MAXIS GBN) has selected INTERVENT International as its new global wellness partner

The partnership between the two companies will provide enhanced global solutions for the prevention and management of multiple chronic diseases, disability condition management, maternity care and other health-related medical cost drivers. MAXIS GBN’s network of employers can benefit from a unique set of comprehensive behaviour change and population health management education programmes through INTERVENT’s evidence-based programmes, including the live one-on-one digital coaching solution available to multiple continents in multiple languages.

“Together with INTERVENT and our other MAXIS Global Wellness partners, we believe MAXIS GBN has developed something truly unique in the market,” said Dr Leena Johns, Head of Health and Wellness at MAXIS GBN. "Our health and wellness reporting acts as a ‘diagnostic’ tool to help multinationals understand and manage their medical spend. And, by partnering with these best-in-class wellness technology vendors we can now also provide a prescriptive solution to the medical conditions that are affecting their employees. We are delighted to be working with INTERVENT, a business that can scale the globe with us and offer our clients truly global wellness solutions."

Through the new suite of services, MAXIS GBN’s clients may choose any or all of the wellness solutions.

  • General wellness, including lifestyle management (regular exercise/physical activity, correct nutrition, weight management and tobacco cessation) and chronic condition management.
  • Maternity lifestyle management.
  • Disability condition management to facilitate a faster return to work.
  • Mental health, with a focus on stress management, resiliency and wellbeing.

“The high worldwide prevalence of potentially preventable lifestyle-related chronic diseases and the rising cost of healthcare provide a sense of urgency for finding innovative behaviour change and population health management solutions for multinational employers,” commented Dr Neil Gordon, CEO of INTERVENT. “We are extremely excited about teaming up with MAXIS GBN to leverage our respective best-in-class capabilities to drive positive health behaviour change and reduce chronic disease risk in an unprecedented manner on a global scale.”