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Continuing concern about ever-increasing healthcare bills in the US has focused attention on the importance of crafting precise policy terms and conditions that, while meeting the needs and expectations of foreign travellers, build in a brake on costs for assistance operators and insurers. 

Milan Korcok explores how Canada’s overcrowded hospitals are blunting patient repatriations

Tony Ridley, CEO of Intelligent Travel in Australia, explores how travel risk analysis is often lacking

Iain Brown, Senior Data Scientist at SAS UK & Ireland, asks: How ready is your insurance organisation for the advent of artificial intelligence (AI)?

Dr Mitesh Patel, Medical Director at Aetna International addresses the challenges for global employers looking for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to absenteeism

Growing awareness of the value of travel insurance as a risk management tool is boosting demand from corporate clients for policies that are truly fit for purpose

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