Features and analysis
Jean Ortiz-Perez, Head of Analytics at Collinson, gives a unique insight on how best to harness the power of consumer data to enable a personalised customer experience and enhance customer loyalty

The cruise industry is expanding and evolving. How is insurance cover for cruise passengers adapting to match a changing cruise passenger demographic – and how can travel insurers and cruise lines collaborate more closely to make sure their clients are adequately covered? Robin Gauldie investigates

Loubna Bouarfa, OKRA, discusses the uptake and importance of AI in healthcare and the impact on healthcare providers, patients and insurers

International Hospitals & Healthcare
India on a map

Jehangir Hospital and its research arm Jehangir Clinical Development Centre (JCDC) have joined Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform.

Couple holding American flag

Centene Corporation has announced that it is expanding its offerings in the 2020 Health Insurance Marketplace in 10 US markets.

Man clutching his heart

New research from Cigna Europe has found that there is a lack of awareness among UK people regarding detecting and addressing heart health problems and symptoms.

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