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Cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are beginning to permeate the travel insurance industry. But how exactly are they being harnessed by insurers?

With more people than ever before relying on web-based reviews, insurers had better step up their game.

 The assistance industry faces a number of challenges when it comes to engaging with customers via apps.

International Hospitals and Healthcare
Oshen-King Faisal Hospital

Oshen-King Faisal Hospital, Rwanda, has entered into a long-term partnership with the Spanish hostpial Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.

health insurance doctor

PERMA Risk Management Services (PERMA) has unveiled a brand campaign to increase awareness of the various health insurance funds that serve school districts, municipalities and public entities in New Jersey, US.

India and the world

S4 Research, which has a wide network in India and experience in the clinical space, will support Clinerion in the expansion of its global network of partner hospitals in India.

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