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Is microinsurance the next frontier for insurers and consumers alike? Lauren Haigh asked industry professionals to share their thoughts on the topic.

There are multiple choices to be made during the repatriation process, but the decision of when to repatriate a patient is the pivotal consideration. How is this decision made and what happens when involved parties disagree? Christian Northwood finds out

Mandy Langfield explores the issues around transporting patients via road ambulance

International Hospitals & Healthcare
joint pain

Members of Altrua HealthShare – a ‘faith-based healthcare sharing organisation’ – now have access to Regenexx procedures, advanced non-surgical, regenerative treatments for common joint injuries and degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Happy workers

Independent advisor The Health Insurance Group has highlighted the role of stress in mental wellbeing and how employers can support their staff, even when the stress is being caused by factors outside of work.

Piggy bank

Foresight has invested £5 million in Northern Ireland-based private healthcare company 3fivetwo Group. 

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