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Travel insurance is constantly adapting to meet the needs of leisure and business travellers, with cover for terror-related events an ongoing priority.

Infectious diseases pose a real threat to travellers worldwide. What role do individual travellers, insurers and healthcare organisations play in preventing their spread?

With more older travellers seeking adventure ensuring access to appropriate cover is an important aspect of the insurance industry’s role. 

Mark Parrish, Regional Medical Director at International SOS, and James Wood, Security Expert at International SOS and Control Risks, map out the road to a safe and secure mobile workforce
The travel insurance industry can utilise tech to improve consumer knowledge and drive take up, writes Mark Colonnese, Director of Aquarium Software.

Continuing concern about ever-increasing healthcare bills in the US has focused attention on the importance of crafting precise policy terms and conditions that, while meeting the needs and expectations of foreign travellers, build in a brake on costs for assistance operators and insurers. 

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