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Lee Thorpe, Head of Risk Business Solutions for SAS UK & Ireland, asks if the new International Financial Reporting Standard 17 is as much an opportunity as it is a challenge
David Kernek asks how insurtech startups and other disruptive advancements are helping the industry in its goal of providing tailor-made products to an ever more demanding customer.
Mark Hewitt, creator of piCalculator and Managing Director at Verisk, looks at the impact of last year’s discount rate change in the UK.
International Hospitals and Healthcare
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The Association of British HealthTech Industries has doubled the capacity of its Innovation Hub, which will further enable it to support UK healthtech companies to do business in the US.

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United Imaging Healthcare has announced that it has appointed Professor Dr Hermann Requardt, former Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Healthcare, as its Senior Scientific Advisor. 

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The 2018 MedicalMissions.org Physician and Advanced Practitioner of the Year winners have been announced.

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