New medical services in the UK

New medical services in the UK

Global benefits and assistance services company International Medical Group (IMG) has rolled out new medical services in the UK via a newly formed medical unit. The goal is to ensure excellent care throughout the duration of a member’s treatment and transfer.

The unit is led by chief medical officer Dr Geoff Tothill and comprises four on-site nurses, two doctors and a network of 30 health professionals in England who provide medical escort services.

“We have complete control over the quality and delivery of clinical care from the time a member has a problem abroad to when they arrive at definitive care,” said Dr Tothill. “We know the capabilities and skill sets of the professionals moving the patients, we can establish the quality of care in-transport and we have visibility of all the factors that influence clinical outcomes.”

The medical unit provides additional services, including case management, international assistance, network management, health and wellness management, telemedicine and major incident management.

“All the medical services that we offer from London are available to our members depending on the various schemes under which they are insured,” said Philip Wright, managing director of IMG’s European division. “So, for example, if there is a benefit under a policy for repatriation to home country, then this would be provided by the medical team based in London. In addition, these services are available to non-insured clients, as we are building our portfolio of service-based offerings."

Dr Tothill added that the introduction of IMG’s own patient transfer services raises the levels of clinical care the company provides its members.