The IHF sends out a message of solidarity

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The IHF has commended the tireless efforts that healthcare providers and their staff are putting in to save lives and reduce the devastating impacts felt by Covid-19

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) has praised the hard work and dedication of healthcare providers during the Covid-19 outbreak and is asserts that it is committed to supporting hospitals and health workers in overcoming the pandemic.

“At the IHF, we believe the best way to demonstrate solidarity with healthcare professionals, particularly those in hospitals, is to follow public recommendations for limiting and slowing down the transmission of Covid-19,” the IHF wrote. “Each of us has a role to play: adopting responsible social behaviours to break the transmission chain of the virus. It is critical that people displaying coronavirus symptoms follow recommendations from their national or local health authorities.”

The IHF also reiterates the importance of primary care as the first response for those seeking immediate care for coronavirus symptoms, and to acknowledge the complementary role of more specialised, sophisticated care provided by hospitals. “During this global pandemic, hospitals must be used for what they are best at: provide life-saving care and treatment for the critically ill.”

Solidarity is key. The IHF writes: “Together, we need to recognise the instrumental role of health professionals and their institutions during this global pandemic, and ensure they receive the resources, support and recognition they need and deserve.

“Together, we will face this crisis by individual responsible behaviours and appropriate utilisation of health services."

“Together, we will fight this pandemic by sharing best practices, accelerating research for treatments and vaccine beyond commercial interests.”

Here at ITIJ, we agree wholeheartedly with the IHF’s words of wisdom. Healthcare providers around the world are working tirelessly to manage the already enormous strain placed on services. We advise businesses and individuals alike to encourage and practise social distancing, as well as strict hygiene measures, including thorough handwashing, to help alleviate further and unavoidable pressure on these crucial services.