Assistance & Repatriation Review

2018 Assistance & Repatriation Review


  • Word perfect – using language and translation services
  • Bridging cultural divisions – effective case handling
  • The role of the Provider Network Manager
  • Assistance services in Russia
  • Apps – new developments to enable immediate assistance

The Assistance & Repatriation Review contains a collection of unique articles exploring the development of the global travel and medical assistance industry, the challenges it currently faces, and how it is evolving to meet these challenges.

2017 Assistance & Repatriation Review

2017 Assistance & Repatriation Review


  • Expanding global reach - The challenges of network development in emerging regions
  • Assistance innovations - Pushing things forward
  • Tailored to fit - An international funeral director gives an insight into their world
  • Brexit: Just another day? How will things change for UK assistance companies repatriating from the EU?
  • It’s all in your head - Assisting those with mental health issues

2016 Assistance & Repatriation Review


  • Differentiated services – how far will you go to meet a client’s needs?
  • How are assistance companies adapting to the ‘new normal’ of terrorism?
  • Assistance provision in the Antarctic region
  • The essential role played by funeral repatriation specialists
  • Falck Global Assistance’s Daniel Hummel profiled

2015 Assistance & Repatriation Review


  • Assisting cruise ship passengers
  • Brazil – managing customers and clients in this vast South American country
  • Traveller safety tools
  • Investigation into calls for improved data sharing with air ambulance crews
  • How can assistance companies offer high-quality customer service without it costing the earth?

2014 Assistance & Repatriation Review


  • Assistance: has it lost the plot? The global industry responds to criticisms
  • Security assistance in conflict zones
  • Fighting the fraudsters: could assistance companies do more?
  • Colombia – new destination, old risks
  • Ground ambulance repats in Europe

2013 Assistance & Repatriations Review


  • Further. Faster. Deeper.: Assistance provision for the oil and gas industry
  • A balancing act: managing cost-effective repatriation decisions
  • Assistance with bells on: how assistance companies can stand out from the crowd
  • Assistance black holes: how to ensure even assistance coverage on a truly global scale
  • Caribbean headway: The logistics of providing assistance in the Caribbean