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16 February 2010

Over three-quarters of respondents in a poll conducted by Skyscanner have favoured an airline 'Fat Tax', with only 22 per cent of the 550 people surveyed disapproving of the possible introduction of extra payments for overweight passengers

15 February 2010

Treatment Abroad, an online health information guide for UK-based medical tourism, has partnered with foreign exchange specialists HiFX to enable medical tourists to get the best possible exchanges rates and save money when paying for treatment overseas

11 February 2010

Dr Charlie Easmon has joined international private medical insurer ALC Health in the newly created post of medical director for the company

10 February 2010

According to a study by First Rate Exchange Services, 58 per cent of UK adults intend to take at least one holiday overseas this year, compared with 54 per cent of people in a similar survey conducted last July

10 February 2010

Hector Sants, Britain's top financial regulator, has announced he is to step down, surprising the financial services industry and casting doubt of the future of the Financial Services Authority (FSA)

04 February 2010

The British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) have both welcomed the new Policy Statement from the government's Equality Office

04 February 2010

This year's ITIC destination has been confirmed

29 January 2010

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has published new standards that have been designed to protect consumers buying insurance online

28 January 2010

The English and Scottish Law Commission have together published a joint report that recommends clarification of the law concerning the information that a consumer is obliged to tell an insurer when they are taking out a policy

27 January 2010

The news that the US Transportation Department is to take action against 'tarmac delays' - where passengers are left sitting for hours in their aircraft on the runway - has been met with both criticism and approval