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Many mosquitoes flying over grass field
27 June 2019

In Dhaka cases of Dengue fever have doubled in the past month due to large infestations of the Aedes mosquito.

Singapore boats
26 June 2019

Travel insurance provider Etiqa Insurance has made waves in the Singapore insurance marketplace by offering transit travellers online travel insurance that they can purchase while in Singapore.

Many hands holding hearts
26 June 2019

League, a digital benefits platform for employees, has introduced a next-generation digital platform that employees can use to engage with their health, lifestyle and benefit programmes.

Working with viruses in the lab
26 June 2019

A new hypothesis published by researchers at Auburn University in the US could provide the foundation for new research exploring the association between habitat loss and the global emergence of infectious diseases.

Young people holding aloft their smart mobile phones
25 June 2019

According to a new study, banks could improve their insurance sales if they embraced the opportunities presented by the ubiquity of smartphones among younger consumers.

young people adventure abroad
25 June 2019

Global travel insurance provider AIG Travel has announced the launch of its Student Travel Safety Initiative

Avivo Group CEO Dr Dilshaad Ali
25 June 2019

Avivo Group, a healthcare service provider in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has stated that it will be making a departure from general healthcare service and will instead be offering specialised care for complex medical conditions to residents and medical travellers in the GCC.

The missing piece of the puzzle
24 June 2019

Australia-based insurtech company Cover Genius has announced a new partnership with Scandinavian travel group Etraveli.

Australian travellers, hopefully insured.
24 June 2019

According to new research from, almost one in two Australian travellers do not know which pre-existing conditions they should declare when purchasing travel insurance.

Generali logo
24 June 2019

Italian insurance company Generali Italia has announced a strategic partnership with Google, through which the companies will create and innovate a cloud-based platform of customised products and services.