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ITIJ - Issue 213 | October 2018

In the October issue of ITIJ, we assess industry thoughts around online product ratings and reviews, and how insurers can best handle negative feedback from consumers; we look at how the latest technology being harnessed by the industry – AI and blockchain – are pushing the industry to deliver products and services that are meeting current consumer needs; and we report on all the latest industry research, including MoneySuperMarket’s survey that highlights British consumers’ ongoing confusion around travel insurance; the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute’s findings that show almost half of travellers with mental health issues don’t disclose their illness to their travel insurer; and Souqalmal’s findings, which reveal that half of UAE travellers don’t buy travel insurance. In ITIJ’s ‘Industry Voice’ op-ed pieces this month, Berlin-based startup omni:us asks how digital innovation can help put the customer first, and AscendantFX gives its predictions around the automation of PMI claims for globally mobile workforces.

Out with ITIJ this month is our latest Assistance & Repatriation Review, which contains features on how best to manage cultural sensitivities when handling medical assistance cases, the varied role of Provider Network Managers, how translation and language services are utilised by the assistance industry, the development of consumer apps, current challenges facing the global funeral repatriation industry, and assistance provision in Russia with a special focus on preparations made ahead this year’s World Cup tournament.

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Travel insurance: next generation
Engaging with product reviews
Crafting the customer experience
Automating PMI claims payments

Read the full Assistance & Repatriation Review

The power of assistance apps
Assistance in Russia
Mortal remains repat challenges
Case study: SA to Canada
Timely translation in assistance
Profile: Provider network managers
Bridging cultural gaps in repats
The power of assistance apps

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