Pre-existing medical conditions? Step this way!

Pre-existing medical conditions

In collaboration with CEGA, AXA has unveiled its Travel Health Calculator tool, developed to give consumers clearer choices about travel insurance

The Travel Health Calculator was developed by emergency medical assistance firm CEGA. It uses CEGA’s specialist medical screening solution, Antidote, to determine the level of risk dependent on the user’s medical history, and provides ‘thresholds’ for over 3,000 conditions, including asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems.

After receiving a report detailing how their medical conditions can affect their travel insurance search, users are then provided with a list of brokers and insurers that specialise in providing the exact cover for their medical needs, or alternatively, directed to price comparison sites if it transpires that their needs are less complex. In this way, the Travel Health Calculator empowers consumers with pre-existing conditions to find the right travel insurance at a suitable price.

Angela Smith, Head of Propositions at CEGA, commented: “The Travel Health Calculator offers consumers with pre-existing medical conditions a unique solution to travel insurance uncertainty – and we’re thrilled that AXA is leading the way in its implementation. “

Travel Health Insurance Calculator
The Travel Health Calculator.

Conveniently – and possibly not coincidentally – the launch of the new tool also coincides with the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s current consultation on proposals designed to help consumers with pre-existing medical conditions access travel insurance products more easily. And as AXA previously identified (in its July 2019 research carried out by OnePoll) that around 60 per cent of consumers believe that the responsibility to ensure customers are purchasing the right cover lies with the consumer, the Travel Health Calculator presents a viable solution to an industry-wide problem.

“As insurers, we want to help customers understand their cover options regardless of their previous or existing medical conditions,” said Nel Mooy, Travel Director at AXA Insurance. “While in some scenarios, certain channels such as specialist brokers or underwriters may be more appropriate than others, our aim is to empower travellers so they can find cover that is right for them. Many people see health as a barrier to finding insurance, but our new tool can help make things that much clearer.”