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20 May 2011

Map of EuropeThe popular uprisings in north Africa are proving to be a bonus for Spain’s battered tourism industry, following its downturn in the economic crisis. David Ing reports

18 April 2011

Girl with laptopThe latest eTravel Benchmark survey results show that more travel websites are encouraging their customers to engage with them via social media, and are developing apps for use on the move, offering customers a much more constant level of exposure to the brand, allowing for deeper engagement.

21 January 2011

Business travellersThe UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published new research showing that companies that ushered their staff members into economy seats or onto budget airlines during the economic crisis, especially on short-haul flights, will not necessarily put their staff back into business class as the world’s economy recovers.

25 October 2010

Indonesia mapIndonesia’s tourism industry is enjoying a successful year so far, according to Sapta Nirwanda, director general of marketing at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and hopes are high that visitor numbers will exceed the seven-million mark by the end of the year.

07 October 2010

Aircraft tailsThree of the world’s biggest airlines have agreed to co-operate commercially on flights between Europe and North America, following more than 10 years of discussions.

03 June 2010

Cheap flight search website Skyscanner has released its flight search data from recent weeks, and discovered that the keenest nation to travel to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa this summer is the US

04 May 2010

Beach sceneNew research from the John Lewis and Waitrose partnership card has revealed that overall consumer spending on travel was up by 25 per cent in February this year

16 February 2010

Over three-quarters of respondents in a poll conducted by Skyscanner have favoured an airline 'Fat Tax', with only 22 per cent of the 550 people surveyed disapproving of the possible introduction of extra payments for overweight passengers

10 February 2010

According to a study by First Rate Exchange Services, 58 per cent of UK adults intend to take at least one holiday overseas this year, compared with 54 per cent of people in a similar survey conducted last July

27 January 2010

The news that the US Transportation Department is to take action against 'tarmac delays' - where passengers are left sitting for hours in their aircraft on the runway - has been met with both criticism and approval

18 December 2009

Consumer watchdog which? Holiday has put no frills airlines under the spotlight, claiming that checking a bag into the hold and using a credit card to pay with could add up to 25 per cent to the advertised price of some tickets