Global travel health news and disease outbreak coverage.

Mosquito close up
16 August 2019

Burundi is continuing to experience a ‘very high incidence’ of malaria cases across Burundi.

Scientist in the lab
14 August 2019

Scientists are hopeful that they have found two drugs that show promise in treating Ebola.

Myanmar map
05 August 2019

The CDC has issued a level one travel health notice for chikungunya fever and a level two notice for Zika for people travelling to Myanmar.

Yellow card
02 August 2019

An outbreak of yellow fever in Abidjan, Africa, has infected 89 people and caused one death.

Holidaymakers jumping into water
01 August 2019

Holidays that involve water slides and diving into shallow water could be life changing in more ways than one, a spinal surgeon has warned.

Beware of ticks sign
30 July 2019

The US Food and Drug Administration has cleared for marketing four previously cleared tests with new indications to aid in the diagnosis of Lyme disease. 

Man fogging mosquitoes
29 July 2019

In Honduras, hospitals are overflowing due to a dengue fever epidemic that health authorities have said is the worst in the past 50 years.

Ebola warning sign in African village
26 July 2019

The World Health Organization has praised Rwanda’s Ebola preparedness efforts.

Infection control
25 July 2019

New research has warned that patients cured of visceral leishmaniasis can continue to infect others for years after successful treatment, which is hampering efforts to eliminate the disease.

New swimwear to help fight skin cancer
25 July 2019

An insurance company has teamed up with a cancer association to help spread awareness in battling one of the biggest health threats facing sun-seeking beach tourists

Positive malaria test result
22 July 2019

New research has found that multi-drug resistant malaria is spreading in Asia.