Global travel health news and disease outbreak coverage.

18 December 2017

Oliver’s Travels has found that much of the UK’s workforce has an unbalanced work to life ratio.

12 December 2017

Aetna International’s latest whitepaper has called on healthcare providers and insurers to adopt a value-based care system to help try to curb rapidly inflating medical costs.

06 December 2017

A new report form MetLife Employee Benefits, in partnership with Syntoniq, has found that investment in employee financial wellness initiatives is focusing in offering information instead of helping workers to change their financial behaviour.

01 December 2017

Four US states have been hit by outbreaks of hepatitis A – on top of the major outbreak that is ongoing in California.

27 November 2017

Bupa Global has found in a new survey that businesses are adapting their approach to international health and wellbeing employee benefits due to an ever expanding and global workforce.

13 November 2017

The south California, US iteration of Disneyland has suffered from an outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease.

06 November 2017

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that it is assisting the Kenyan Ministry of Health to combat an outbreak of Marburg Virus Disease (MVD), which spread to the country from neighbouring Uganda.

01 November 2017

UK doctors are bracing for an outbreak of flu.

31 October 2017

Scientists have found a link between the spread of the Ebola virus and deforestation, a breakthrough that researchers say can help act as an early warning system for future outbreaks.

30 October 2017

The UK’s Public Health journal is preparing a special issue on travel health, aiming to bring together a collection of papers across the sciences, on those aspects of travel that matter most to population health, healthcare delivery and related public policy.

23 October 2017

The Madagascan plague outbreak has killed at least 94 people, with the number infected since August now thought to be around 1,150.