Measles cases multiply in NZ

Measles vaccine

Measles vaccine

There is an ongoing measles outbreak in New Zealand and the country is facing a significant increase in cases.

According to the Ministry of Health, between 1 January and 6 September 2019 there have been 1,059 confirmed cases across the country, 881 of which are in the Auckland region.

The Ministry stated that it has two priorities: vaccinating all children on time and ensuring that the groups most affected by the outbreak are given vaccinations, particularly children aged four and below and people aged 15-29.

Travellers to New Zealand, and particularly to Auckland, where disease cases are concentrated, are advised that they should be immunised against measles at least two weeks before travelling. Those who aren’t immune and have early symptoms of the disease ─ fever, cough, sore eyes, runny nose, rash ─ should not travel.