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26 July 2010

Fire fighting plane over MarseillesOn 24 July, around 2,000 holidaymakers had to be evacuated from the path of a blazing forest fire that was nearing their campsite near Marseille, southern France

26 July 2010

Love Parade 2006The Love Parade, a techno music festival held in the German city of Duisberg, ended in tragedy on 25 July, after 19 people were crushed to death in a tunnel that led to the party.

22 July 2010

Emtpy planeThe recent collapse of yet another package holiday group in the UK is predicted to cost the government-backed consumer protection scheme – the Air Travel Trust scheme – close to £20 million in repatriation and refund costs.

16 July 2010

Fifty pound notesThe Association of British Insurers (ABI) has released figures that show the cost of falling ill abroad has reached an all-time high, while at the same time travel insurers helped a record number of people who needed emergency medical help while overseas.

14 July 2010

A teenage cruise passenger has been killed after she was apparently caught in the midst of a violent gang shootout in the US Virgin Islands.

07 July 2010

Thai protestorThe Thai Government has extended a previously declared state of emergency in 19 provinces, including the capital Bangkok, due to fears of renewed violence. 

30 June 2010

Hurricane over floridaThe first hurricane of the Atlantic season is about to make landfall near the US/Mexico border

28 June 2010

Ghana International AirlinesThousands of travellers have been left stranded after the national airline Ghana International Airlines appeared to have ceased operations

28 June 2010

Chinese flagMore than 100 people are missing and some 2.4 million have been displaced after a landslide triggered by heavy rain struck a village in China's Guizhou Provinceon Monday 28 June at 2.30 p.m. local time