Travel rates high among millennials

Travel rates high among millennials

A new survey has found that nearly all millennials have travelled, whether abroad or within their own country.

The survey, conducted by research company OpinionWay for Allianz Global Partners, took a sample of 5,518 people between the ages of 18 and 30 from a range of countries including: France, Germany, Australia, Austria, China, Spain, US, Italy, Poland, UK and the Netherlands.

It found nearly 100 per cent of millennials had already travelled, with the minority that hadn’t attributing the expenses of a trip as the reason. First trips usually take place in childhood, with 93 per cent of Spaniards and Italians having travelled during childhood with their families.

Interestingly, the survey showed how reliant this generation is on using technology to discover new places. Sixty-two per cent of Americans rely on their phones for travelling, whilst around 50 per cent of Austrians and Germans use websites like TripAdvisor to explore an area. However, many do not think about insurance for these devices when they go abroad. Thirty-seven per cent of French travellers do not take out any insurance measures before they set off.

Rémi Grenier, president and CEO of Allianz Worldwide Partners, said: “We are dealing with a curious generation that is eager to discover and travel the world.” He added: “Despite the fact that risks still exist, they seem to think that their smartphone or tablet can help in any problematic situation. This generation uses technology and physical mobility, therefore we must have answers and services that are directly related to their needs and lifestyles.”

However, eight per cent of Australians, Americans, Poles and Brits believe that thanks to technology, they already don’t need to travel, as they can tour the globe from the comfort of their own sofas.

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