Travel insurance on the bucket list

pigs swimming

Whether it be reaching that 100th notch on the bedpost, swimming with pigs in the Bahamas or outliving the threat of climate change, most of us have a bucket list of activities that we would like to accomplish before we, well, kick the bucket. New research has highlighted the trips that are top of family bucket lists, with Disney World coming out on top (of the world)

The study, by Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance in the UK, found that 33 per cent of British parents have a trip to Disney World on their bucket list, while 24 per cent wish to go on safari and 23 per cent would love to go to Lapland. Additional bucket list activities are an extended road trip (23 per cent), visiting the wonders of the world (23 per cent), a family sabbatical (17 per cent), visiting all of the world’s continents (17 per cent), sailing in a hot air balloon, learning a language (16 per cent) and going to a family music festival (15 per cent).

Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance reiterated the importance of appropriate travel insurance for those wishing to realise these dreams. “Holidays, and taking part in a dream experience, are clearly a top priority for UK families. That’s why travelling safely and ensuring you’ve got good quality travel insurance is a key consideration before embarking on a trip of a lifetime,” said Karen Hogg, Head of Travel Insurance at Sainsbury’s Bank.

When it comes for the motivations behind the bucket list activities, 16 per cent of parents said they wish to give their children experiences they never had, while 19 per cent of parents said that they have chosen experiences that their children will enjoy more.

Sainsbury’s Bank’s top tips on travelling as a family are to: plan ahead, take out a family travel insurance policy, pack smartly, organise entertainment for the trip and learn a little of the destination country’s language.