Storm Ciara causes record-breaking New York-to-London flight time

Airplane travel concept

The plane completed the journey in four hours and 56 minutes, landing 102 minutes early

To say it’s been very windy in Europe is an understatement ­− Storm Ciara has caused extensive damage to buildings, disrupted transport and been responsible for the deaths of six people.

But there have been some unexpected benefits. In Germany, wind turbines produced a record amount of electricity – reportedly equivalent to 44 nuclear power plants.

And British Airways is thought to have made the fastest New York-to-London flight, propelled by high-speed winds.

It reached a top speed of 1,327 km per hour, setting a new record for subsonic commercial aircraft to fly between the two cities.

British Airways said: "We always prioritise safety over speed records, but our highly trained pilots made the most of the conditions to get customers back to London well ahead of time."