Protecting employee health with free flu jabs

Get your flu vaccine

Healix International is running a free flu vaccination programme for its employees

The global travel risk management and international medical and security assistance company ran an internal campaign as part of its employee benefits health and wellbeing scheme, encouraging staff to sign up for a free flu vaccination.

Kate Cleminson, Healix Group HR Director, said that it was an easy process: “A local pharmacist administered the injections and also gave out important healthcare advice. As a result, two-thirds of staff have taken the important step to protect not only themselves, but potentially their colleagues, family and friends from flu this winter. Feedback from our staff about the programme has been very positive.”

Mike Webb, CEO of Healix International, said: “Not only have we minimised the risk of the flu virus spreading through our workforce and hence more people being off sick, but we have helped our staff to stay fit and healthy. It is vital our staff are in good health both physically and mentally in order for them to successfully manage some of the stressful and challenging situations presented to them in their working day.”

With wellness a growing area of focus for many companies, such an initiative is an encouraging step forward in ensuring the health and wellness of employees, while at the same time reducing the risk of employee absence for businesses.