New anti-fraud partnership

A protective umbrella for business

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) in the US has entered into a strategic partnership with global anti-insurance fraud analytics provider Globlue Technologies

Under the terms of the new agreement, companies that are members of the NICB and customers of Globlue will both be granted access to essential strategic information from the NICB via the analytics provider’s ARKHOS Data Fusion intelligence platform. It is hoped that this will improve fraud detection and prevention efforts across the board.

The ARKHOS platform can integrate a company’s existing internal data with intelligence from a third party, in order to improve the data available during an investigation. By integrating NICB’s data with Globlue’s platform, insurers will have the ability to perform a live search of NICB’s database, taking in internal claims data and intelligence from external sources.

“Through this partnership, mutual customers will leverage ARKHOS Data Fusion enhanced identity resolution,” said Globlue Technologies President and CEO Adrian Silva, “which provides advanced intelligence analytical capabilities to bring carriers’ investigative data, third-party data and NICB data together in a single dashboard. [This allows] analysts to perform advanced analysis in real time, accelerating the data-to-decision process, as it relates to fraud detection.”