Mass risk notification from WorldAware

The risk of risk is high!

Global intelligence, risk management and crisis response firm WorldAware recently announced the launch of its Worldcue COMMUNICATOR, a mass notification solution that offers rapid two-way communication to individuals and groups all over the world

According to WorldAware, it is the first solution of its kind to integrate global real-time intelligence, dynamic list creation and incident management with a two-way communication option.

WorldAware makes use of a global network of operations centres staffed by intelligence and security analysts, who monitor global threats and incidents. As soon as an event occurs, or looks imminent, WorldAware receives this data and transmits it instantly to customers in affected areas via its Worldcue Companion platform, which is available on laptops and smartphones, or via email or SMS. The platform automatically creates an on-demand list on the fly, so that those who are exposed are informed immediately; two-way communication can then begin between WorldAware and its customers, with assistance rendered as necessary.

“When intelligence indicates an early warning or a critical event occurs, speed of communication to forewarn or confirm safety or the need for assistance is essential,” said Bruce McIndoe, President and Founder of WorldAware. “With Worldcue COMMUNICATOR, we provide organisations with the ability to quickly understand what issues or incidents are relevant to the organisation and its people, and with a single click, initiate a two-way communication to each of those individuals. Knowledge and speed save lives.”