Digital customer service platform works wonders for AXA

Cutting edge technology

The global insurer is very pleased with RingCentral Engage Digital, an interactive digital platform developed by RingCentral, Inc., which it uses to manage its online interactions with customers

Since incorporating RingCentral’s platform into its customer service processes last year, AXA has enjoyed a 50-per-cent month-on-month growth in digital interactions, increased its case resolutions by a factor of 10, and noted a 50-per-cent reduction in the time it takes for resolutions to be released. The results seem clear – customers want to engage with their service providers digitally.

AXA recently added Facebook Messenger, Apple Business chat and WhatsApp into its matrix of customer interaction avenues and has said that it plans to introduce chatbots before long. Just two years ago, the only way to contact the insurer as a policyholder was to use the telephone; now there are multiple routes.

Social media messaging services represent the next paradigm of interactions with customers

However, the insurer also recognised that adding channels, while positive, is not sufficient – the quality of engagement for customers who utilise those new channels is an important consideration, which is where RingCentral’s platform comes in. It recognises over 70 different languages, and utilises AI so that agents can manage customer interactions more efficiently via all available channels. Customer identities are also merged across all channels, so the agent dealing with a client has a full view of the customer’s history and can quickly access every piece of information that they might need. Having a single interface that offers all these functionalities makes the lives of both agents and customers significantly easier.

“Social media messaging services represent the next paradigm of interactions with customers,” said Harald Felgner, Digital Experience Designer, UX innovation for AXA Switzerland. “These types of interactions are a game changer. Without a solution like [this], it wouldn’t have been possible for our company to enable one-to-one interactions with customers on so many touch points.”

Insurers, take note ...