Chatbot for Dubai patients

Chatbot for Dubai patients

Dubai, UAE-based healthcare services provider Avivo Group is set to launch the second phase of its AI-powered chatbot, AVY, which it hopes will help eliminate the waiting time of patients at the Group’s clinics and hospitals.

Avivo Group is the first healthcare provider in the UAE to introduce an AI-powered chatbot to assist its patients 24/7.

The second phase will integrate appointment schedules with clinical systems to provide a basic awareness of specialities and medical problems to patients and their caregivers.

Via the Avivo Group’s websites and social platforms, AVY interacts with patients and caregivers and helps them to find doctors, schedule their appointments, locate specific Avivo Group clinics or hospitals and facilitate smooth access to required treatments.

“We have successfully implemented a customer service chatbot for all the websites and social media platforms of Avivo Group to improve the patient engagement process and the customer experience,” said Dr Dilshaad Ali, CEO of Avivo Group. He also said that the latest digital innovations create an abundance of opportunities for reshaping how healthcare facilities deliver patient services and enable them to improve outcomes, enhance clinician satisfaction, improve efficiency and more effectively manage costs.