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ITIJ 205, February 2018

UK travel insurer Avanti goes behind the headlines to address some key issues with regards to signposting.

Op Ed
ITIJ 204, January 2018

Lawrence Watts, Commercial Director at Collinson, talks about the fast-changing world of international medical insurance provision and the challenges companies face in providing cover for policyholders around the world

Op Ed
ITIJ 201, October 2017

Chris Camacho, Chief Strategy Officer at Flashpoint, explains why the insurance industry is uniquely vulnerable to cyber threats

Op Ed
ITIJ 200, September 2017
Robert Muttock, partner with law firm Clyde & Co UK, and Miguel Relano, partner with Clyde & Co Spain, discuss the problem of fake illness claims 
Op Ed
ITIJ 197, June 2017

Randall Gordon-Duff, Collinson Group, explains how in a world of converging yet diverse risk factors, business travellers must maintain vigilance and good judgment

Op Ed
ITIJ 195, April 2017

Christopher Ling, vice-president of insurance for Capgemini’s Financial Services Strategic Business Unit, discusses how the industry has to adapt to win over a new generation of customers.

Op Ed
ITIJ 198, July 2017

Dr Eric R Miller, global head of corporate at Doctor Care Anywhere, discusses how Britons in Europe could access healthcare after Brexit.

Op Ed