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UK insurer launches new healthcare solutions

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Nottingham, UK-based insurance broker Russell Scanlan has launched a new Business Protection and Healthcare Division that offers corporate protection and healthcare solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of individual business owners and their employees. The insurer said that the new division will build on the company’s existing healthcare provision to include traditional private medical insurance, health and wellbeing support plans and business protection policies.

“There are many benefits of corporate healthcare insurance both to the individual owners and to the business – it can help reduce absenteeism, create staff loyalty, protect profitability and improve company efficiency.  Once perceived as a perk, it is often now considered as an essential element in an employee’s package, helping to facilitate in the recruitment and retention of staff,” said Bryan Banbury, Managing Director. “And of course, it’s not just about employees. Business protection plans are designed to safeguard the people who matter most to your success. They can help ensure the business stays on track if you or a key member of staff were to pass away suddenly or be unable to work due to a serious illness.”

Banbury highlighted that one size doesn’t fit all, as different businesses have different needs. “With our new suite of plans we can offer bespoke packages that are tailored to meet the needs of all businesses – large or small,” he said.