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Avivo Group to offer specialised healthcare

Avivo Group CEO Dr Dilshaad Ali
Avivo Group CEO Dr Dilshaad Ali

Avivo Group, a healthcare service provider in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has stated that it will be making a departure from general healthcare service and will instead be offering specialised care for complex medical conditions to residents and medical travellers in the GCC.

“The Group is redefining itself with a new business model and moving towards super speciality healthcare for future growth. We believe that although general healthcare remains relatively attractive for some in the industry, we reviewed our business strategies and have decided to focus our resources on bridging the gap in complexity management,” explained CEO Dr Dilshaad Ali. “Most of the Group’s general healthcare assets will be transformed into speciality clinics. We will also relook at the existing specialities that do not fulfil the current demographic needs.”

According to Dr Ali, the Group is in discussions with several global providers about potential partnerships. He said that focusing more on specialised healthcare is likely to keep UAE residents from seeking treatment abroad: “Avivo Group strives to provide access to the right care with the right specialisation to UAE residents at their doorstep. We are confident this refreshing change in the way we contribute to the nation would be a step in the right direction.”