Setoo offers rainy day protection to campers

Calculating the chance of rain using machine learning

The insurance and protection-as-a-service company has teamed up with a European campsite bookings company to offer the first-of-its-kind weather insurance product

Setoo’s platform uses data from Meteomatics to send immediate, accurate forecasts of rain to customers who have booked through, allowing them the opportunity to cancel their trip and receive compensation up to 72 hours in advance of the booking. Compensation is delivered automatically should the customer opt to cancel their trip, cutting out the claims process entirely and making the whole exchange as streamlined as possible.

The platform utilises machine learning to calculate prices in real time, with specific premiums determined per policy based on the weather patterns of individual campsites and the prevailing conditions surrounding the date of a trip. This means that customers can be promised optimal pricing for the service.

“The weather is an especially important consideration for campers,” said CEO Jerome Mercier, “who are more exposed to the elements than other holidaymakers. Because of this, we have been searching for a weather protection product for some years before finding exactly what we needed in Setoo’s rainy day protection. Setoo’s innovative platform will ensure we continue to create a great experience for customers while driving additional business for [our website].”

The product is currently available for European travellers booking camping trips in Italy, Spain and France.