Sun, sea and family fall-outs

Grandma on holiday

Why do families bicker on holiday?

The sun on your face, a piña colada in your hand, grandma relentlessly complaining about the heat. Sounds like the perfect holiday. Or at least it would be if Grandma hadn’t been invited. Sound familiar? Travellers who are feeling wary of their upcoming holiday with Grandma, or apprehensive about two weeks abroad with their sister, are not alone: according to new research, we are likely to bicker with family members around four times a week while on holiday.

The top reason for fall-outs is what to do and see, closely followed by the age-old questions of where and what to eat

The research, which was conducted by Bolsover Cruise Club in the UK, surveyed 1,000 UK adults to discover the most common reason behind family feuds on holiday, and the optimum length of time away before bickering commences. It turns out that if you have a habit of feeling short-tempered with family members while on holiday, you are one of many; more than two-thirds of Brits said that they fall out with friends or family while on holiday, and not just once ─ the average is an exhausting four times a week.

So, what’s sparking family tensions? The top reason for fall-outs is what to do and see, closely followed by the age-old questions of where and what to eat. The third most common argument is about the weather/heat, while the fourth is money and splitting bills, and the fifth is people not controlling their children.

And who is the best holiday companion, statistically speaking? The research found that partners are a safe bet for longer breaks, with a maximum time of 10 days and six minutes before a fall-out erupts, while poor Grandma ranks low on the scale in terms of a tolerable partner in crime, with disputes occurring at a maximum of two days and 12 hours into a holiday.

Michael Wilson, Managing Director at Bolsover Cruise Club, commented on the findings: “While there are naturally family feuds and bickering amongst friends, it is great to hear that the majority of Brits are still happy to head away on their annual holidays with their loved ones. One key thing to keep in mind is that it’s perfectly okay not to all want to do the same thing while away, whether that’s food, activities or general lounging around the pool, which is why we believe a cruise can provide a great option when wanting to please more than one or two holidaymakers.”

Travellers shouldn’t be dissuaded from holidaying with Grandma. Perhaps they can just consider dropping her off at the bingo before they hit the beach.