Sidecar Health makes a play for North Carolina

Sidecar Health

Healthcare insurance membership organisation Sidecar Health has announced its expansion, extending its insurance coverage to North Carolinians

Sidecar Health provides its members with a payment card that they use to pay for healthcare services, thereby allowing them to take advantage of discounts for paying upfront. On the company website, it notes that because the policies offer robust coverage at fixed, published amounts, members know how much will be paid by their plan for any health service. Members can also use the Sidecar Health app to see how much healthcare providers in their area charge for services and can therefore shop around and make the most of their coverage.

“With over 1.1 million people uninsured in North Carolina and healthcare costs continuing to rise, the existing solutions aren’t working for everyone. We’re bringing a totally new approach to the market,” said Patrick Quigley, Sidecar Health’s CEO. “We created an insurance product that provides good coverage to many of those who can’t afford existing options, and we’re excited to make that product available to North Carolinians.”