Protecting female travellers

female traveller

Riskline has launched an invaluable new travel resource aimed specifically at female travellers that helps them identify and avoid unnecessary risk when travelling and working abroad

The Female Traveller Safety Reports provide a series of detailed, country-specific reports that have been carefully researched by Riskline’s highly experienced team of female analysts. The reports, which cover over 220 countries and regions, detail local customs and laws, safety concerns and health and wellness, and all are designed to apply to a wide spectrum of female travellers, regardless of age, length of assignment, or reasons for travellingThe reports all support a company’s Duty of Care obligation to keep their employees safe while travelling.

Suzanne Sangiovese, Operations Manager – Americas – at Riskline, commented: “Not all travellers are the same, and female travellers face unique safety risks. Women can be perceived as an ‘easier target’ for criminals and are more likely than men to be victims of sexual harassment.”

The reports are accessible to employers and their staff via Riskline’s portal and app.