New cyber solution from New Dawn Risk

The world of cyber

International specialist insurance intermediary New Dawn Risk has launched a new segmented cyber solution in the UK

The product, which is suitable for SMEs and larger corporates, can be delivered via an online platform for smaller organisations and face-to-face for larger businesses that may require a more complex, tailored setup. It has been designed to work in harmony with the cyber liability offering that New Dawn already provides for international clients.

New Dawn promises low premiums, no hidden charges and free cancellation of the product if it does not suit a client’s needs. Among its key feature are instant access to a cyber response manager, who can contact and co-ordinate appropriate experts to aid with problems that may rear their heads.

“The SME segment in the UK is as prone to a data breach or cyberattack as larger businesses, but finds it much harder to buy the right cover for their needs,” commented Max Carter, CEO of the company. “Our objective is to make dealing with a complex risk as simple as possible – available to buy online in minutes, at any time of the day. Most importantly, it provides the 24/7 breach response businesses need to minimise damage and help them get back on their feet following data breaches and cyberattacks.”

Tom Malcolm, Head of UK Cyber, added: “Businesses of every size and in every industry that hold sensitive information on their employees and clients, or rely on computer systems to operate their business, are at risk. Insurance – in conjunction with cyber awareness and security – is a vital element of protection.”