Brexit travel advice following new UK PM



Travel Insurance Explained has released advice on Brexit-related travel insurance concerns following the election of Boris Johnson to UK Prime Minister

With the new PM losing no time in working towards Brexit by 31 October, many fear that leaving the EU without a deal could have a negative impact on travelling abroad. Travel Insurance Explained commented: “The majority of the travel insurance industry have previously announced that they will not cover Brexit-related claims. Whether they will choose to join the small number of insurers with this cover in the coming months unknown.”

As such, the website advises that holidaymakers considering cancelling their holiday should speak to either their package holiday provider or their travel insurer, as most travel insurance companies will only cover cancellation for specific reasons, with few offering to over cancellation for any cause beyond reasonable control, including Brexit.

And with most unsure about how the European Health Insurance Card will be affected, Travel Insurance Explained urges: “To be on the safe side, holidaymakers should ensure their travel insurance policy offer medical expenses cover. In addition, all existing medical conditions will need to be declared otherwise claims could be declined.”

Finally, passport changes are yet another reason for travellers to be prepared. Checking passports in advance to ensure their validity will prevent further unwanted expenses that travel insurers may not include in their cover, said Travel Insurance Explained.

There may still be much uncertainty around the looming Brexit deadline, but travellers are still able to avoid unnecessary costs and inconvenience by exercising forward-thinking and rationale. Travel insurers should be vigilant in educating holidaymakers on the policies that are suitable for their individual needs. “To reiterate,” said Travel Insurance Explained, “buying a policy a few days before the holiday is not advisable. Particularly with Brexit looming.”