Brazil ups the ante to tackle measles

vaccinations in Brazil

In Brazil, catch-up vaccines will be provided to 39 million residents in an effort to clamp down on measles

In 2019, the country counted 4,476 cases of the disease from January up to 18 September, with 3,906 cases occurring from late June to September. Most of these cases (more than 90 per cent) were in the Sao Paulo state.

The Government will vaccinate 39 million Brazilians aged between one and 49 years old who may not have been inoculated. It announced that it has purchased 114 per cent more of the MMR vaccine for 2019 and 2020 compared with the amount purchased in 2018.

Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Health João Gabbardo highlighted that vaccination is a priority: “There will be no reduction in the quantity of vaccines or money to buy vaccines. This is a priority of the Ministry of Health and the Federal Government. We are buying in 2019 a quantity for more than 12 months to create a strategic stock. So, this year, we are buying more doses than we had in previous years and, besides, we are buying cheaper.”