Authorities tackle Amazon fires


Following a G7 nation meeting, on Sunday 25 August, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro authorised military operations in seven states to tackle the raging wildfires in the Amazon

Fires have long been blazing in the Amazon rainforest, and many believe that deforesting is to blame. After a G7 meeting that condemned an inadequate response to the burning of the vital Amazon rainforest, government authorities are now providing assistance

On Sunday, the Defence Ministry shared a video of Brazilian warplanes dumping thousands of gallons of water on the blazes in firefighting efforts over the weekend.

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday that the G7 was nearing a deal to provide 'technical and financial help' to countries affected by the Amazon fires. And Colombian President Ivan Duque said he would seek a conservation pact between 'countries that have Amazon territory'. “We must understand the protection of our Mother Earth and our Amazon is a duty, a moral duty,” he said.

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