Air Partner offers safeguarding solution in response to the coronavirus outbreak

24/7 assistance

The group has launched Air Partner Protect – a product designed to offer enhanced safeguarding measures to travelling customers flying during the Covid-19 outbreak

If there’s one good thing to say for a global virus outbreak, it’s the breadth of innovative solutions that begin to surface in response. From disease trackers to in-the-works vaccinations, organisations are putting their best efforts into coming up with ingenious new ways to manage the outbreak, and global aviation services group Air Partner is no exception.

Air Partner Protect offers: security screening through Air Partner’s dedicated safety and security division Redline; an array of approved aircraft operators that comply with recommended procedures around coronavirus; quick response evacuation, as evidenced by the organisation’s recent work evacuating and repatriating UK and Irish nationals onboard the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship alongside the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office; medical support to customers anywhere in the world 24/7 through its partnership with Northcott Global Solutions (NGS); monitoring, updates and advice concerning Covid-19; and global 24/7/365 support.

Commenting on the launch of Air Partner Protect, Air Partner CEO Mark Briffa said: “Coronavirus continues to affect communities around the world and global travel and transportation are becomingly increasingly challenging as new measures are brought in to try and limit the spread of infection. Customers are understandably concerned, and we have launched Air Partner Protect in response to growing demand … Air Partner Protect goes one step further by ensuring that customers are safeguarded as much as possible when using our services at this difficult time.”