FAI assists in coronavirus efforts

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PMIU mission capability

FAI is continuing to closely monitor the evolution of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and is providing regular updates on our capabilities regarding the repatriation of clients out of China

Case volumes throughout China are escalating rapidly; the number of cases and their distribution within other countries around the world continue to grow more slowly.

WHO has declared a PHEIC: Public Health Emergency of International Concern and released Temporary Recommendations in this regard.

Of note is the WHO‘s call for countries and agencies not to institute travel restrictions. Nevertheless, many countries have begun to limit commercial airline passenger routes to and from China. Many nations are imposing 14 days‘ quarantine on their own returning citizens, varying from self-quarantine to mandatory confinement in dedicated mass quarantine units. Many are denying entry to Chinese nationals flying from China; others are denying entry to foreigners even in possession of valid entry visas if they have been in China in the preceding 14 days. The situation is complex and in a state of flux.

FAI is pleased to announce that after numerous client requests, and after alignment with multiple authorities, we have commenced medical air ambulance transport missions from high-risk locations to patients’ home countries on behalf of governments, international agencies and private clients.

We are also now able to offer multiple passenger air transportation options for the repatriation of unaffected, healthy adults and children.

Medical transport missions

FAI has procured the latest version of the portable medical isolation unit PMIU solid-shell EpiShuttle manufactured in Norway by EpiGuard AS.

After an induction and training period for our teams, FAI is now ready to commence dedicated PMIU missions as of 8 February 2020.

We have installed a customised stretcher configuration on a Challenger CL604 aircraft, with specific EpiShuttle equipment and accessory modules ready to deploy.

We have deployed a dedicated team of 5 ICU Flight Doctors and 7 Flight Paramedics, now trained in accordance with the directives of the ECDC European Center for Disease Control.

Based on our current PMIU capability, FAI will offer transportation of patients with confirmed COVID-19 infection, as well as positive case contacts, on a case-by-case case basis. All such flights will be operated in an EpiShuttle PMIU unit with dedicated trained medical teams and equipment.

Air ambulance transports for patients with unrelated diagnoses, from locations where the outbreak is established, will similarly be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, subject to specific considerations.

FAI air ambulance medic with epishuttle

These flights will also be operated in an EpiShuttle PMIU unit, in the interests of safety for our teams and in compliance with international regulatory restrictions.

Specific considerations are applicable in these cases:

  • The Health Authority Infectious Disease Notification processes relevant to all jurisdictions has been followed and approved prior to the mission
  • The transport is not in breach of aviation restrictions in place and subject to amendment from time to time
  • The patient and/or relevant family member/legal guardian gives consent to being transported in a PMIU after full disclosure of the risks and limitations involved
  • No relatives or other non-medical escorts allowed on board (exception: parents of small children subject to individual case-by-case decision)
  • The viability of all missions is subject to many factors still evolving, and beyond the control of FAI: Port Health restrictions, overflight permissions and clearances, screening and quarantine regulations specific to individual locations

Multiple passenger air charter repatriation for normal healthy passengers

FAI is especially pleased to announce that we have also now commenced multiple passenger air transportation options for repatriation of unaffected, healthy adults and children from high-risk locations to their home country.

These missions are offered on our Challenger CL604 and CL850, and Global Express aircraft, for up to 13 passengers. All missions are accompanied by a trained dedicated medical team, for pre-flight temperature screening, and the availability of medical/nursing care in flight should the need arise.

All passengers are required to wear surgical masks and complete a pre-flight screening questionnaire, in addition to temperature screening.

It should be noted that the same limitations apply as to our medical transport missions, with respect to the potential for home country restrictions on flights originating from perceived high-risk locations. All mission requests will need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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