About ITIJ



The International Travel & Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) was launched in November 1999 following the growing success of the annual International Travel & Health Insurance Conference (ITIC). It is produced by a team dedicated to offering a monthly magazine that keeps the travel insurance industry up to date with all the latest news, views and analysis of the hottest topics.

The Journal contains a careful balance of headline news, views, independent articles from our in-house team, worldwide correspondents or industry professionals, profiles of the top people in travel insurance and its ancillary services. There is limited space available for display advertising in the Journal, as well as offering readers access to the most comprehensive list of providers in the industry through the Service Directory.


The Journal is distributed on a monthly basis, with around 20,000 industry leaders using the Journal as one of their main points of reference for succeeding in this niche, yet rapidly expanding sector.

Unparalleled expertise

The Journal offers unparalleled expertise for anyone seeking to become involved in travel insurance or any of its related services, such as assistance and air ambulance evacuation. The contacts we form at ITIC mean we always have our ear to the ground and know what matters to the people involved in the industry, and can cater to those needs – whether it is through a feature that focuses on a particular country’s services, to one of our annual supplements, which give 32 pages dedicated to either the air ambulance, assistance and repatriations or cost containment industries.