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Voters oppose taxes on employer-provided healthcare coverage

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A recent poll on key issues in the 2018 Midterm Elections in the US, conducted by pollster Frank Luntz, has found that 81 per cent of voters oppose taxes on employer-provided healthcare coverage. However, the 40-per-cent Cadillac Tax will tax these benefits for the first time.

The Alliance to Fight the 40, a coalition comprising businesses, patient advocates, employer organisations, unions, local governments, healthcare companies, consumer groups and other stakeholders that support employer-provided health coverage, said that it urges Congress to repeal this tax, which is already increasing out-of-pocket costs for workers and their families.

“Eighty-one per cent of Americans believe that employer provided health insurance should continue to be tax free because they're nervous that the tax will be passed along to consumers,” said Luntz. “[Americans] expect Washington to make a fundamental difference that does not add to their cost, does not take away their choice and control, and provides some quality that they deserve.”

James A. Klein, President of the American Benefits Council, said: “On election night, voters stated clearly that healthcare was the most important issue facing the nation. Despite a booming economy, working families are stretched to the limit and they can't afford to pay even more for healthcare. Congress has an opportunity to return next week and fully repeal the 'Cadillac Tax' during their lame duck session of Congress. Protecting the employer-provided health insurance system is a winning issue, not only Congress, but for the 181 million Americans who get health insurance from their job.”