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ITIJ TV Episode 7 out now! Includes an interview with Megan Freedman of UStiA and Gary Sommerford of Larus Consulting about travel insurance fraud; plus a round-up of key content, including the latest headlines.

Travel insurance

In news that may not necessarily surprise all ITIJ readers, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued a warning to British travellers urging them to stop wasting the time of consular staff

The travel insurance sector is a fast-growing market segment in Singapore – and as a consequence, the number of fake travel insurance claims is also rising.

Travel matters

In 2015, according to the European Travel Commission (ETC), Europe saw its sixth consecutive year of above average growth in tourist arrivals.

On the move

AXA announced in April that it had appointed Alexander Vollert as CEO of AXA Germany.

Company brief

Travel communication specialist WorldSIM, a strong advocate of abolishing romaing charges for mobile phone use, is offering travellers a new SIM card that provides local rates across the globe.

Health matters

A temporary recommendation from Public Health England (PHE) for travellers heading to Greece to seek out vaccinations for hepatitis A has been lifted.

International Healthcare

Due to the rising threat of global terrorism, independent healthcare and financial consultancy Jelf International predicts closer alignment between IPMI providers and security firms in future.

Insurance matters

The increasing risk – or at least the perceived risk – of terror-related events in developed countries following the recent attrocities in countries including Paris and Brussells is driving demand for specialist insurance cover to mitigate the losses incurred from such events.

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What are the latest trends in travel insurance fraud? Femke van Iperen finds out