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Travel insurance

An analysis of claims in the last 12 months by the UK high street insurance provider Debenhams Travel Insurance shows that bills have almost doubled over the last decade, with an average medical claim now costing over £900, rising to just under £1,000 for travellers aged 65 and older, while he average non-medical travel insurance claim is less than half of that, at just over £400

Another Icelandic volcano, Bardarbunga, is threatening to erupt. While the scale of the eruption and its impact on the environment and air travel are unknown at this stage, travellers and holidaymakers around Europe will be watching the news with anticipation

Travel matters

As new research from UK-based consumer rights group Which? suggests that more than six million people have experienced a problem or frustration on holiday in the last two years, the organisation is inviting travellers to share their getaway gripes and sign up to its campaign to ‘Stop the Holiday Hassles’

On the move

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) has appointed Martin Bridges as its Technical Services Manager with immediate effect

Company brief

Europ Assistance – Global Corporate Solutions (GCS), an international provider of medical services, recently opened a new medical centre in Niamey, Niger.

Health matters

Australian authorities have recently joined together to form ARM – the Australian Response Masters of Epidemiology.


A survey of expatriates by leading international private medical insurance broker Medibroker has discovered that most expatriates were positive about their lifestyle with 80 per cent of the sample saying they either ‘really enjoyed’ or ‘enjoyed’ their lives abroad.

Insurance matters

The UK Transport Committee recently published its fourth report into fraud and the cost of motor insurance, which, it says, has ‘lifted the lid on a highly dysfunctional market'

Latest feature

Warren Brown looks at the progress made by US travel insurance industry lobbyists in reducing the legislative burden on travel retailers in recent years