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This week's headlines:

  • 00:14 Zurich Insurance Group completes acquisition of Cover-More Group Limited - Read more
  • 00:36 Sixty per cent of the UK’s general insurance market has signed up to the Insurance Fraud Register - Read more
  • 00:57 The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s update on measles in Europe - Read more
  • 01:20 Consumer Protection Cooperation network in Europe finds 235 travel booking websites feature ‘unreliable’ pricing information - Read more
  • 01:44 ITIC Ad
  • 01:59 Industry insights: Beth Godlin, president of Aon Affinity Travel Practice, and Daryl Chapman, COO of IMG discuss the role technology plays in the delivery of travel insurance services

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What’s the biggest problem you have with cruise claims?

Air ambulances
Do you think that, in general, air ambulance companies and insurers work well together, and in what ways (if any) do you think the working relationship can be improved? How have you improved your relationship with air ambulance providers?

How to make small print more readable
What can insurers do to make their policies more consumer friendly?

Affinity partnerships
What are the main pros and cons of affinity deals, and how do you meet the challenges faced by such partnerships?

K&R cover
Is kidnap and ransom cover in greater demand for business travellers now? How common are claims made under this type of insurance?

Network development
Quality assessments in setting up medical networks is a challenging process, particularly in regions where standards of healthcare are lower than average. How do you ensure quality is maintained across your network?

Travel insurance in Latin America
What are the main distribution channels for travel insurance, and how do you think these are going to change in the future?

Cover for travellers with psychiatric problems
Medical screening for psychiatric conditions – how far has it come in the last 10 years?

International insurers and hospitals
How can the relationship between international insurers and the hospitals treating their patients be improved?

Hospital accreditation
Why is accreditation important, and can hospitals still be successful in the international insurance arena without it?