Zurich presents Nomadz

Company brief

International business travellers have been given access to the world's first electronic 'guardian angel', thanks to Nomadz, a new Blackberry application developed by Zurich Financial Services Group, as part of the Zurich HelpPoint service.
Nomadz provides timely and relevant medical, health and security alert information to users, enabling business people to stay one step ahead of any potential problems as they travel the world. The application combines information from a wide range of governmental and key travel advisory sources with data unique to Zurich. The information is then collated and analysed by the insurer and turned into concise business alerts for any business destination; all the subscriber has to do is download their travel information into the application and Nomadz will ensure they stay informed. The technology compares the users' current location use GPS or their intended destination to give them the most relevant information possible.