Tourists seized by pirates

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Two British nationals were kidnapped by Somali pirates from their yacht, the Lynn Rival, as they sailed from the Seychelles to Tanzania at the end of October. Paul and Rachel Chandler were snatched off their yacht and taken to a pirate enclave on the Somali coast. The pirates told Spanish news agency EFE that the couple had been taken to ensure that no attempts were made by the international Navy taskforce in the area to recover a Spanish vessel they had taken control of earlier. The kidnappers then asked for a ransom of £4.2 million for the couple.
It has since been leaked to the media that a Royal British Navy ship, Wave Knight, was within range when the attack on the Chandler's yacht took place, and there was a helicopter on the ship that could have been launched, but the decision was made not to take action, as it was feared that doing so would result in the death of the couple.
On 16 November, news came through from the pirates that both husband and wife were ill and refusing to eat or drink anything. Calling himself Awali, one of the pirates spoke to reporters: "Sometimes they will not speak to us, and sometimes they refuse to eat or drink. They have serious health problems; the woman is vomiting often."
The UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office stated: "We are monitoring the situation closely, Foreign Office staff are in close contact with the family and are offering support." Family members have expressed their concern that the ransom cannot be paid, as the couple are not wealthy and could not afford to pay such a large sum of money.