Overseas weddings still on the up


Destination Weddings Travel Group, a destination wedding planning company, has released its inaugural report with the latest wedding statistics and trend forecast for 2015

“With an ever-changing global environment, the destination wedding industry is continuously growing and changing,” commented Richard Calvert, president and CEO of the firm. “It’s imperative to remain aware of trends among couples seeking a unique destination wedding experience." As the destination wedding industry increases in size and popularity, the report looks at destinations that are up-and-coming, as couples begin traveling to even more exotic locales. “Perennial favorites such as Mexico and Hawaii will continue to flourish as wedding destinations,” adds Calvert. “However, we’re excited to see the destination wedding landscape expand as new regions are embraced.”

Destination Weddings also shared the latest breakdown of the consumer base, including:

·         Destination wedding budgets averaging $8,800, with local and at-home weddings topping $30,000.

·         The most popular month for destination weddings is currently May, with June and July following close behind.

·         The average length of stay for destination wedding couples is seven days, while guests stay on average for four days.

The most booked destinations include Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, with Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia and Grenada emerging as new favourites. Elsewhere, the Destination Weddings Trend Report 2015 also highlights the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage and its role in the destination wedding market. Calvert explained: “As we reach a level playing field across the world, we have already seen a surge of LGBT destination weddings and the changing environment in the wedding industry will only increase as more countries open their arms to same-sex marriage.” Calvert cites up-and-coming LGBT destinations, including Curacao, Capetown, Barcelona, and Aruba.

Calvert foresees the destination wedding industry will continue to thrive in 2016, as these wedding experiences can accommodate any price point, and as couples look to the experts to help them save money and minimise the planning work on their end.