MSIG introduces travel alerts

Company brief

Singapore-based general insurance company MSIG has announced a new travel alert system, through which the company’s customers will receive SMS messages alerting them to security-related information or concerns throughout their journey. Warnings for potential delays, natural disasters and political unrest will be included in the system, covering such eventualities as extreme rain, public transportation delays, riots, war and terrorism, as well as health-related information such as outbreaks of bird flu or other diseases. “We have conducted a pilot test earlier this year and the positive feedback from our policyholders has led us to the launch,” said Paul Faulkner, CEO of MSIG Singapore. “This innovation will enable us to provide even better service and is part of our continuous efforts to stay responsive to our customers’ needs.” As of October, customers with TravellerShield insurance plans from POSB bank and financial services group DBS were provided with the alert service, and MSIG plans to roll it out to intermediaries and direct customers in the next few months.