Dr Walter partners with IASIS

Company brief

Insurance provider Dr Walter has become the new European partner of the International Association for Student Insurance Services (IASIS). IASIS is a global non-profit that supports youth, student and education organisations in the travel sector to optimise their insurance solutions.

“The thirst for adventure that is so characteristic for students, should not be thwarted by having no or the wrong insurance cover,” observed Dieter Raith, chairman of the IASIS board. “That’s why IASIS co-operates with a number of different insurance providers in developing affordable and flexible insurance solutions for young people undertaking international travel, be it for study work or travel.”

Dr Walter is allied with more than 700 partners such as universities and language schools to develop worldwide insurance solutions. “As an insurance broker, we can offer tailored products for clients who need more than your average run-of-the-mill product,” said Dr Walter’s managing director Reinhard Bellinghausen. “The aim of our co-operation with IASIS is to offer insurance products and emergency services that meet the unique needs of youth and student travellers in Europe,” he confirmed.