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suitsA new website,, is aiding travellers in the UK to research travel insurance companies by allowing them to write and read reviews of different travel insurance firms. Because more travellers than ever are purchasing insurance coverage along with their airline tickets and hotel rooms, this website is aiming to be a valuable resource for consumers who want to compare their travel insurance options. Visitors to the site can access a summary of a travel insurance company’s offerings, and read reviews written by individuals who have purchased insurance coverage from the company. In order to ensure that the reviews are honest and helpful, the website requires that reviewers provide their name and their email address. However, the reviewer’s email address is not published with their review. The website also provides a link to the online quote request form for each  travel insurance company.

Travel-Insurance-Reviews provides a ranking of travel insurance companies based on the reviews written by visitors. Because of the site’s ranking feature, it is intended that visitors will gain a sense of a company’s reputation at a glance. When ITIJ visited the site, it was still very new and only a few ratings had been posted, but make no mistake – the simple ‘five-star’ rating system gives users a clear and quick indication of what consumers think of travel insurers around the world, and what may be demonstrated by the site is that not all travel insurers were created equal.