Cega expands medical team

On the move

Dr Mary CampbellUK-based claims management and emergency medical assistance provider CEGA has recruited two new doctors to meet the growing demand for international medical assistance and bespoke medical risk assessments from its corporate insurance clients. Dr Julian Moore and Dr Mary Campbell are the latest recruits to join CEGA’s in-house medical team, with responsibility for managing global evacuations, repatriations, and emergency care for patients. They will also assess the medical validity of claims and act as a source of telephone medical advice for patients in remote locations. CEGA’s chief medical officer, Dr Tim Hammond, said of the new recruits: “By increasing the number of our in-house doctors we have the resources both to deal with highly complex cases and, where requested, to carry out bespoke medical risk assessments, site visits and pre-deployment medical reports in high-risk countries.”

Both Dr Moore and Dr Campbell have spent several years in general practice and accident and emergency departments. They will combine their roles at CEGA with continuing work for the UK’s National Health Service.