Briton named in zip wire accident

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Saas-Fee summerIn further confirmation that while on holiday, tourists tend to take part in more risky activities than they would do at home, yet another British holidaymaker has perished this summer. Following on from the news about the grandfather who suffered fatal injuries when his parasail failed and he plummeted onto a beach in Turkey, a British student who died when she crashed into a cliff face while using a zip wire to cross a ravine in France has been named as Andrea Watton. The 21-year-old girl was on an adventure holiday with some friends in the Swiss Alps when the accident occurred. The group of friends were navigating the Gorge Alpine – a mountain route fitted with cables, ladders and bridges that links the resort towns of Saas-Fee to Saas-Grund. According to the police, when she reached the third zip wire in a chain, Watton decided not to use the specialist equipment that had been provided for the wire. “Despite the reservations of her friends,” said a local policeman, “she fixed only two hooks to the cable and launched herself. She was unable to brake when she reached the other side and smashed violently into the rock face. She died immediately.”