Brazil scores from World Cup


Figures released by the Brazilian government have shown that one million foreign tourists from 203 nations visited the country during the recent FIFA World Cup – far exceeding the 600,000 that were predicted prior to the start of the event. For 61 per cent of the tourists recorded, it was their first visit to Brazil. Minister of Tourism Vinicius Lages said the country has to build on its success: “Brazil showed to the world that we are ready to host an event of this magnitude. We now have the challenge of changing the interest in business shown by foreign visitors into benefits for the population, generating employment and income.” Before the World Cup began, there were concerns in the travel industry that airports in Brazil would not be able to handle the increased number of visitors passing through, but the report from the Brazilian government states that despite the 16.7 million passengers who transited through an airport during the tournament, delay rates were in fact lower than the international average.