Avanti adds Home Care Assistance

Company brief

Avanti Travel Insurance announced on 15 September that will now be adding Home Care Assistance to all new travel insurance policies, for the benefit of over-50s travellers who require inpatient treatment in overseas hospitals while on holiday. The cover, promoted as the first of its kind by the insurer, will be included on all single and annual multi-trip policies, and ‘provides care and support for Avanti customers that fall ill whilst on holiday and are hospitalised for one or more nights’. “In practical terms,” said a company press release, “when they return home they will receive assistance in the comfort of their own home whilst they are recovering. Cover is a combination of professional help and personal care such as: dressing, bathroom and toilet assistance, personal hygiene and managing health needs; domestic cleaning, tidying, laundry, washing up and caring for pets; and preparing light meals, feeding support, meal planning and food shopping.”

According to the UK’s Office of National Statistics, the over-65 population in England and Wales grew by 11 per cent between 2001 and 2011, and consequently ‘the magnitude and need of health and social care for the elderly is growing’, said Avanti. “Caring for an elderly or disabled relative can have practical, financial and emotional challenges,” said company CEO Glen Smith, “so an insurance product that offers a combination of valuable personal and domestic care can be worth its weight in gold.”