Holiday senses tingling…


 Choosing where to go on holiday is always difficult, but online travel agents have come up with a new way to help travellers pick their perfect destination. Its new tool SenseSational will, according to the company, pick a holiday destination based on the users’ subconscious.

The new feature will immerse users in a multi-sensory experience and uses several types of technology, including facial recognition, to discover what engages a user’s senses.

Ebookers see a future where holidays will no longer be booked using a catalogue or salesperson, and instead picked on the subconscious desires of travellers.

“New technology is revolutionising the travel sector and enabling our digital world to become a personalised, multi-sensory immersion that provides travellers with the vital ‘try before you buy’ experience,” explains Mark McKenna, commercial director at “The wanderlusters of today are ever-evolving: They pursue travel that makes them feel alive, seek out experiences that shape them as people and expect more than ever from their bucket list holidays.”

The technology takes users through several stages of the travel journey, and analyses the movements and reactions of their face. Its algorithm then uses this data to calculate which destination is perfect for the user.

“SenseSational mimics this emotive storytelling and analyses the way we engage with certain textures, tastes and sounds, giving us an insight into how technology will continue to shape the consumer journey and help us form completely tailored travel experiences, engaging our senses every step of the way,” explains McKenna.